The Organyà store, now online!

If our great-grandfather could see us now, knowing it was possible to buy our longanizas, fuets, bulls, etc. by Internet, he would not believe his eyes. However, it is thanks to this visionary and entrepreneurial spirit that has been handed down generation to generation since 1915, that has made it possible.

The origins of the store date back to 17 April 1992 when our mother, Jesusa, together with our father, Sebastiá Obach, converted the old shop of yarns and clothes owned by our aunt Mercé into an artisanal delicatessen, to continue to better serve our clients, who since the beginning, have even come to the workshop to buy our sausages and cold meats. Since then, for over 20 years now, the Obach store in the carretera de Andorra de Organyà has become a must-see for everyone travelling around the Pyrenees by car.

The Obach store in Organyà is a unique sales point in Alt Urgell, where not only the traditional sausages and cold meats of the workshop in Obach can be found, but also seasonal exclusive sausages and cold meats (botifarra with egg, carnival bull sausage, culana) and a selection of the best local artisanal products, such as cheese, beef and chicken from the Pyrenees, jams, yoghurts and other delicacies.

Nowadays, Jesús Obach, taking over the reins from our mother, is in charge of selecting the products with the commendable help and experience of Teresina, Mariela and Dolores. All together they are the true heart and soul of the store.

If you would really like to taste and enjoy the authentic taste of Embutidos Obach, or give someone a wonderful gift this Christmas, we recommend you stop by the store in Organyà. Let us advise you, with complete surety, your palate will thank you.

Botiga Obach - La Botiga